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Technology opens new opportunities for patients and doctors to use a Web portal to connect with specialists all over the world.

Finding a doctor used to be a frustrating experience for people with serious or chronic health conditions, especially if they lived in small communities where specialists were scarce.

The internet has helped to erase the distance between patients and the specialists they need. Most leading hospital websites have comprehensive “find a doctor” services, but one entrepreneur believes people should be able to use the Web to contact doctors worldwide.



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The New York Times

ONE day last summer, Charlie Martin felt a sharp pain in his lower back. But he couldn’t jump into his car and rush to the doctor’s office or the emergency room: Mr. Martin, a crane operator, was working on an oil rig in the South China Sea off Malaysia.

He could, though, get in touch with a doctor thousands of miles away, via two-way video. Using an electronic stethoscope that a paramedic on the rig held in place, Dr. Oscar W. Boultinghouse, an emergency medicine physician in Houston, listened to Mr. Martin’s heart.

“The extreme pain strongly suggested a kidney stone,” Dr. Boultinghouse said later. A urinalysis on the rig confirmed the diagnosis, and Mr. Martin flew to his home in Mississippi for treatment.

Mr. Martin, 32, is now back at work on the same rig, the Courageous, leased by Shell Oil. He says he is grateful he could discuss his pain by video with the doctor. “It’s a lot better than trying to describe it on a phone,” Mr. Martin says.


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