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El Mundo

La compañía japonesa Eizo ha editado un calendario muy peculiar para promocionar sus dispositivos médicos entre los radiólogos de Centro Europa. Éste es el resultado:


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Medical Economics

Key Points

  • Marketing your individual brand requires careful research and planning.
  • Attract media attention by highlighting an interesting or unusual feature of your practice.
  • Personal touches are very important for retaining current patients and attracting new ones.

Carol Rupe, MD, a family physician in Charlotte, North Carolina, recently added a Facebook component to her marketing efforts, which have included direct mail, speaking at charitable fund-raisers, and participating in health fairs.

Patricia Roy, DO, a family physician in Muskegon, Michigan, welcomed two new midlevels with community announcements and photos sent to local newspapers. In addition, she and her office nurse sat on a committee to plan the sex education curriculum for a local school district. “They loved having the medical input, and it was positive exposure to well-insured school employees, as well as involved parents,” Roy says.

John C. Johnson, MD, an emergency medicine and urgent care specialist in Valparaiso, Indiana, has a “The doctor is IN” sign that faces the highway and, during office hours, is lit in neon red.


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