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by Jennifer Kovacs, Managing Editor – Healthcare Design Magazine

When New York City-based RHD Interior Design first took on the project of a new neurology office for Dr. Dexter Sun, President Rhona Hershkowitz says her tactic was to juxtapose the complexity of the medical specialty with a simple design approach to create a serene, calming environment for both patients and staff.

For the project, RHD teamed up with daSILVA Architects and general contractor Unity Construction Development, both also located in New York. The space required a design that not only added efficiency and functionality but that also held an aesthetic at the level expected by the prominent doctor’s celebrity patients, ranging from a legendary rocker to a master architect. The resulting $500,000 project was completed in January 2010.



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The Healthcare Design Magazine

Quick-what’s your favorite color? Does it make you feel good? The idea that certain colors can affect how we feel is not new. Many believe certain colors can make you more productive, relaxed, or excited, for example.

For the last 20 years, I have specialized in healthcare interior design and healing environments. Over the years, clients have often asked me what colors are most appropriate for healthcare settings.

You might assume that there is a link between color and patient health, perhaps. Yet you may be surprised to learn that, to date, color guidelines for healthcare environments have not been supported by any scientific research.

The Center for Health Design, based in Concord, California, partnered with the Coalition for Health Environments Research (CHER) to produce a report written by Ruth Brent Tofle, Benyamin Schwartz, So-Yeon Yoon, and Andrea Max-Royale titled “Color in Healthcare Environments: A Critical Review of the Research Literature.”


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