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Staff happiness represents only one piece of a very complex process.

Thomas Jefferson enshrined in this country’s civil religion the “pursuit of happiness” as an unalienable right. But if a medical practice’s staff is successful in that pursuit, does it translate into happy patients?

In a 2009 Harvard Business Review article, Rosa Chun, a professor of business ethics and corporate social responsibility, and Gary Davies, a professor of corporate reputation at Manchester Business School in the United Kingdom, wrote a brief article disputing the conventional wisdom that happy employees yield happy customers. Their study, they say, found no correlation between employee satisfaction and service. But others are skeptical—very skeptical.

Not surprisingly, those on both sides of the issue can point to research to support their position.

“There’s a long line of research that shows that being happy—to the extent that one takes care of personal needs only—doesn’t translate to good customer or patient care,” says Billie Blair, PhD, president/CE of Change Strategies, Inc., and the author of All The Moving Parts (Puzzles Press, 2007).



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