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Silvia Serrano Ayala  -Medical Economics


La comunicación es la herramienta base de cualquier relación, personal o profesional. Si no somos capaces de comunicarnos, no podremos transmitir nuestros conocimientos ni nuestras inquietudes. En el ámbito de la Salud ocurre lo mismo.

Sulmasy, fraile franciscano, internista y miembro de la Comisión Presidencial para el Estudio de las cuestiones de bioética del presidente Obama, afirma que “no importa cuan sofisticada sea la tecnología de salud recibida, la salud se alivia con tres simples elementos humanos: compasión, contacto y conversación”.  En la vocación del profesional sanitario está presente el objetivo de curar y lograr conductas más saludables, desde la perspectiva de los servicios humanitarios, más allá del valor retributivo que puedan tener sus acciones. Pero para curar hay que tratar, ¿y cómo se ha de tratar para conseguir, que desde una comunicación eficaz, se puedan adquirir o modificar hábitos? No comunicamos sólo con palabras. El tono de nuestra voz, nuestra postura corporal, la mirada, la disposición del espacio, la distancia entre nuestro interlocutor y nosotros, nuestros gestos, incluso nuestra ropa, todo puede ser una herramienta de comunicación eficaz o, por el contrario, una barrera.



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The new replacement hospital provides state-of-the-art care for children around the world
by Michael Rayburn.

No matter who you talk to in Memphis, Tennessee, chances are their life or a family member’s life has been touched by Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital. Founded in the 1950s, it was the result of the initiative of a group of women who advocated for children to have a special place to receive medical care. The children’s hospital’s mission is to accept any child in the community who needs treatment, regardless of their family’s financial status.

With a new $340-million replacement hospital planned, a broad fundraising effort was initiated in Memphis. To date, nearly $105 million has been raised, making the Le Bonheur campaign the largest in the city’s history. Contributions came from all constituencies, including young children who donated pennies through their schools to corporations, which in turn made large contributions to the campaign. Yet it is important to keep in mind that Le Bonheur’s reach goes well beyond the Mid-South region. Every year, more than 135,000 children from all 50 states and throughout the world are treated there.

Doing what’s right for the kids

The new Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital will take the organization well into the 21st century. The 12-story, 613,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility includes 255 hospital beds with dedicated units for pediatric intensive care and cardiovascular intensive care. It also has 60 neonatal intensive care private rooms, including several rooms for twins or triplets.


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Se vende CLINICA PRIVADA de cirugía mayor ambulatoria de + de 1000m2  en la Zona Alta de Barcelona.

Ref: TDF – BCN Clinic


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 Healthcare Design Magazine

To call the 150-year-old Laguna Honda Hospital a “hospital” is most definitely a misnomer. Emerging from a 10-year design, new construction, and renovation process, the 150-year-old facility now offers a complete range of services: long-term care, rehabilitation, special care for Alzheimer’s disease and HIV/AIDs populations, and hospice. It uses the latest concepts in long-term care, offering a personalized environment extending well beyond the usual acute care hospital design. Along the way the project achieved the first LEED Silver registration of any healthcare facility in California. Perhaps the signature achievement of the new design is to translate large-sized 780 mostly skilled nursing beds into homelike accommodation suitable for an average 17 month length of stay. Discussing how this was done, and such unusual features as fully operable windows, are Laguna Honda Associate Administrator Larry Funk; architects Jeff Logan and Sharon Woodworth, Director of Design and Senior Architect, respectively, for Anshen + Allen; and Larry Bongort, Senior Health Architect, Stantec Architects, interviewed by HEALTHCARE DESIGN Contributing Editor Richard L. Peck.


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After the big success of EMTC 2010 in Venice, the largest medical tourism conference in Europe EMTC 2011 will take place in Barcelona from 4th until 6th of May 2011. Is going to be the ideal platform to meet international partners and benefit from the latest thinking on medical travel.

TheDoctorFactory -located in Barcelona-  will keep you updated with the latest news about medical tourism and trends and events in the medical and healthcare market.

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Dr. Arlen D. Meyers

While medical tourism represents a small sliver of the total US healthcare sector, it will continue to expand and surgeons should be aware of this emerging industry for three reasons. (1) It is already having an impact on their practice. If doctors don’t understand and accommodate medical tourists, they will go elsewhere. (2) Inbound global referrals will continue to grow. Not changing will result in losing those referrals. (3) Business processes and healthcare information communications technologies will need to accommodate inbound and outbound global referrals. Failure to do so will result in missed opportunities to grow your practice.

Medical tourism, defined by Deloitte as the process of “leaving home” for treatments and care abroad or elsewhere domestically, is growing rapidly. The recent US healthcare reform debate has heightened awareness of global care that is affordable, high quality, accessible, and, in some instances, not available or approved in the US. These options are so attractive, that, according to Deloitte, an estimated 750,000 US citizens traveled abroad for medical care in 2007 and the number is expected to accelerate. Another 400,000 people came to the US for care.


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Medical Economics

Key Points

  • Marketing your individual brand requires careful research and planning.
  • Attract media attention by highlighting an interesting or unusual feature of your practice.
  • Personal touches are very important for retaining current patients and attracting new ones.

Carol Rupe, MD, a family physician in Charlotte, North Carolina, recently added a Facebook component to her marketing efforts, which have included direct mail, speaking at charitable fund-raisers, and participating in health fairs.

Patricia Roy, DO, a family physician in Muskegon, Michigan, welcomed two new midlevels with community announcements and photos sent to local newspapers. In addition, she and her office nurse sat on a committee to plan the sex education curriculum for a local school district. “They loved having the medical input, and it was positive exposure to well-insured school employees, as well as involved parents,” Roy says.

John C. Johnson, MD, an emergency medicine and urgent care specialist in Valparaiso, Indiana, has a “The doctor is IN” sign that faces the highway and, during office hours, is lit in neon red.


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