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After attending the workshop about specialist medicine & case management this morning we can conclude saying that the right values for a patient centered attention in medical tourism are: universality + access + good quality + care + equity + solidarity. This combined with good marketing solutions such as a web marketing strategy, powerful partners, a strong Doctors network, media advertising and the power of worth of mouth are key factors to succeed within the medical travel sector.



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The European Medical Travel Conference 2011 starts today  in Barcelona.  ETMC  aims to connect people to global health solutions. Ideas, lectures, innovation, discussion, negotiation, partnerships: EMTC2011 is the platform that helps ideas come alive to help the innovation and growth of the medical tourism industry.

TheDoctorFactory will attend all the lectures and workshops. Will keep you posted!  If you want to stay tuned you can also join our group on Linkedin TheDoctorFactory – Health & Wellness Strategic Marketing

The website (www.emtc2011.com) informs about all relevant parts of the event and the organizers can be contacted directly at +49 89 1011 9222 anytime or by mail to info@emtc2011.com.

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Mañana arranca la conferencia de turismo médico más importante de Europa (EMTC 2011) en Barcelona. Sin duda, una buena oportunidad para generar sinergias en el sector, aprender y generar nuevas ideas para la evolución del sector del turismo médico internacional.

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