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Hannah Jefferies – Healthcare Design Magazine

n this first part of a three-part series on incorporating family into the patient room, authors Hannah Jefferies and Jennifer Merchant of Perkins+Will discuss the core concepts of the model and introduce a project at Rush University Medical Center, where that model was used.

“One of the key things that one realizes in training is that we very often treat whole family units. When you are treating persons who have elements of frailty, their loved ones become all the more critical to their care and to plans that help move patients toward better health. Thus supporting families/loved ones to feel at place in the clinical environments helps develop better plans that have more chance of successful implementation with our patients,” according to Dr. Anthony J. Perry, MD, clinical transformation officer at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago.



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  • Keep smiling  in you personal life

  • Keep your Team motivated

  • Enjoy the comunication with your Patient

  • Use your added value to position your Medical Center in the Market

  • and more than ever don’t forget to keep your Patients smiling…!

  • Healthy Greetings from TheDoctorFactory Barcelona

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    U.S. and abroad to simplify the experience for patients by providing a network of world-renown facilities and affordable, quality treatment in Brazil and Spain, announces the opening of its offices in Brazil (Sao Paulo), Spain (Barcelona) and the United States (New Jersey). Both countries emerge as desirable locations for medical travelers because of their longstanding traditions for delivering exceptional medical care, exemplary health care facilities, and English-speaking physicians.

    “Building on its robust economy, established reputation for safe, first-world accommodations, and anticipated activities related to the 2014 FIFA World Cup and International Summer Olympics, Brazil is a destination of choice for medical travelers seeking high quality, affordable medical care,” says Alex Lifschitz, CEO of Sphera International, the only company of its kind to maintain offices and executives in the U.S. to directly assist American companies and the public regarding medical travel in the business-to-business and direct-to-consumer sectors.


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    The New York Times

    ONE day last summer, Charlie Martin felt a sharp pain in his lower back. But he couldn’t jump into his car and rush to the doctor’s office or the emergency room: Mr. Martin, a crane operator, was working on an oil rig in the South China Sea off Malaysia.

    He could, though, get in touch with a doctor thousands of miles away, via two-way video. Using an electronic stethoscope that a paramedic on the rig held in place, Dr. Oscar W. Boultinghouse, an emergency medicine physician in Houston, listened to Mr. Martin’s heart.

    “The extreme pain strongly suggested a kidney stone,” Dr. Boultinghouse said later. A urinalysis on the rig confirmed the diagnosis, and Mr. Martin flew to his home in Mississippi for treatment.

    Mr. Martin, 32, is now back at work on the same rig, the Courageous, leased by Shell Oil. He says he is grateful he could discuss his pain by video with the doctor. “It’s a lot better than trying to describe it on a phone,” Mr. Martin says.


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    After the big success of EMTC 2010 in Venice, the largest medical tourism conference in Europe EMTC 2011 will take place in Barcelona from 4th until 6th of May 2011. Is going to be the ideal platform to meet international partners and benefit from the latest thinking on medical travel.

    TheDoctorFactory -located in Barcelona-  will keep you updated with the latest news about medical tourism and trends and events in the medical and healthcare market.

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    Llevas un par de semanas sin fumar. Piensas que todo está bien encaminado hasta que durante un paseo mañanero te encuentras con un grupo de fumadores. El humo despierta el mono. Tu lucha interna te acaba dirigiendo hacia el bar de la esquina. Las ganas de fumar un pitillo se apoderan de ti.

    La maquina de tabaco te susurra al oído ‘Ven a mi’. Pero de repente te acuerdas de algo. Sacas tu iPhone y en el menú se encuentra tu salvación. Es una aplicación/coach que te aporta mensajes y ayuda en tus momentos de debilidad. Pinchas el muñeco y te lanza unas reflexiones escritas que te hacen replantear tu decisión.

    A partir de hoy, por 9.99 euros, está disponible en el AppStore The Joy, una aplicación para iPhone creada con el objetivo de convertirse en tu acompañante constante para dejar de fumar. “Todas las aplicaciones que existen de este tipo son malísimas. Giran alrededor del ahorro. Pensé que era muy interesante cambiar el concepto y convertir el móvil en tu coach”, explica su creador, Javi Creus, fundador de IdeasforChange.


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    Yorokubu New

    El centro de investigación y tratamiento del cáncer MD Anderson ha cambiado su logo por cuarta vez en sus casi 70 años de historia. Y lo ha hecho de una peculiar manera que envía un mensaje optimista que aspira a conseguir un futuro sin cáncer: ha tachado el nombre de la enfermedad de su logo.

    El centro, dependiente de la Universidad de Texas, ha conservado el tagline “Making cancer history”, que se introdujo hace 14 años, y ha reforzado la idea que propugna con una visible línea roja que simboliza de manera rotunda la decidida apuesta por imponerse a la enfermedad. Esta ejecución se ve además reforzada por la eliminación de todos los colores diferentes al gris y negro que daban algo de variedad cromática al antiguo logo y que ahora permiten que la simbólica línea destaque con más fuerza.

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