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Is “patient-centered” design becoming a cliché? Some say yes, that the term covers everything these days from warmly hospitable to bare minimalist, depending on the tastes (and budgets) of the sponsors. When a leading faith-based healthcare system commits to defining “patient-centered,” though, it can take on new meaning.

The motto “patients first” was the driving force behind the design conceived for the Benjamin and Marian Schuster Heart Hospital at Kettering Medical Center, which is one of seven hospitals comprising Kettering Adventist Healthcare in Dayton, Ohio. In keeping with a religious denomination known for its emphasis on personal health and wholesome lifestyles, network administrators pushed for design innovation for “the good of the patient.” And they accepted a highly conceptual approach to make it work.

As regular HEALTHCARE DESIGN readers know by now, interior designer Jain Malkin, CID,AAHID, EDAC, directs one of the most conceptual design firms in the business. Malkin and her San Diego-based team at Jain Malkin Inc. have become known for incorporating, and even creating, strikingly original features that enliven the patient/family experience. The 130,000-square-foot Schuster Heart Hospital, a multi-service facility that opened in September 2010, is one of the latest examples of this.



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Many nurses are going back to school to earn doctorate degrees, but does that give them the right to call themselves doctor?

Many physicians don’t think so, and they are pushing for legislation to restrict who gets to call themselves a doctor, reports New York Times health reporter Gardiner Harris.

As more nurses, pharmacists and physical therapists claim this honorific, physicians are fighting back. For nurses, getting doctorates can help them land a top administrative job at a hospital, improve their standing at a university and get them more respect among colleagues and patients. But so far, the new degrees have not brought higher fees from insurers for seeing patients or greater authority from states to prescribe medicines….

Dr. Roland Goertz, the board chairman of the American Academy of Family Physicians, says that physicians are worried that losing control over “doctor,” a word that has defined their profession for centuries, will be followed by the loss of control over the profession itself. He said that patients could be confused about the roles of various health professionals who all call themselves doctors.


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